By the Numbers, Jan 1st-3rd

Hoo-boy. Avatar sure did flex its nut this weekend bringing in 68 million in its third weekend–a number that topped the previous 3rd weekend record holder (Spiderman #1) by over $20 million (The Dark Knight made just shy of $43 million during its third weekend).

That means that it eclipsed the $300 million mark on Friday and then eclipsed $350 million by Sunday. At the theater I work at, we’ve gone 45 (might even be as high as 48 including today which I am not working) straight showings of Avatar in 3d that have sold out. A lot of people have been telling me that they saw it in 2D and then went back to see it in 3D. For a 3 hour movie with Marxist tendencies, that’s saying something.

The other two in the top three were no surprises: Sherlock at #2 with $38 million (no small feat in and of itself) and The (Motherfucking) Squeakquel at #3 with just over $36 million.

Now let’s pause here: Avatar made $30 million more than the #2 film. Yet the #2 and #3 films were still able to haul in over $30 million? Even adjusted for inflation, that’s a fuckton of tickets sold.

It’s Complicated was #4.

The Blindside was #5, and this surprises me. The longevity that this film has shown has been a surprise to a lot of people. When it was first was released we sold out damn near every showing of it and, even now in a smaller theater, we’re still pulling very good numbers for it. People love white paternalism, I guess–though, for the record, that whole issue is handled rather well and the football scenes in the film are some of the best I’ve seen.It actually rose 10% over its grosses for the previous weekend.

#6 was Up in the Air, this years master(Oscar)bait. It seems to be holding up well in the way that a lot of built-for-awards films do: by middling around the top six by word of mouth and the strength of the lead actor who is taking some kind of risk.

The rest were #7: The Princess and the Frog (chugging towards 100 mill), #8 Did you Hear about the Morgans (oof.), #9 was, well, Nine, and #10 was Invictus.

Numbers from Box Office Mojo.

I wonder what Avatar is going to do next weekend other than beat out Transformers 2 for the top movie of the year.


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